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I Miss Hip-Hop Like This

One Week and One Day

It’s been a little over a week since my day surgery.

Today I was feeling pretty good after taking it easy after last night’s class.  So I went downstairs and started on the dummy form.  Ran through it about 5 times and things were feeling pretty good.

I then proceeded to work very lightly on the heavy bag.  I decided to keep it at a slow and easy pace with not too much power.  I worked mostly on my Ging or ‘relaxed energy.’  I clinched up on the bag and popped the bag off with my shoulder.  Then I placed my Chum Kiu elbow on the bag and popped that off with Ging.  I did the same for the fist and then the palm.

After I was a little warmed up, I added some rib-cage and face punches in the mix and then worked the Ging.

Finished with lightly performing the BJD form.

Pro Nails (Wobble Wobble)

Do Your Work

with all your heart.

It’s All Training

Siu Nim Tao, Chum Kiu, Biu Jee, Mook Yan Jong, Luk Dim Poon Kwan, Baat Jam Do – it’s all training.

Partner patty-cake drills, Chi Sau, Goh Sau, Sparring – it’s all training.

Skipping, Heavy Bag, sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, squats – it’s all training.

Mowing the lawn, cutting down trees, packing lumber – it’s all training.

Painting the house, making supper, washing the dishes – it’s all training.

Watching movies, watching videos, reading books – it’s all training.

Quiet time, rest, sleep – it’s all training.