Dreams Do Come True

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Everything Man

Time is money.  There’s no doubt about that.  You want to hire a plumber?  $100 service call, PLUS an hourly rate of $75.00/hour.  Better to go to the Home Depot and rent the tool yourself.

Acupuncture?  An hourly rate of $60-120 depending on where you live.

Chiropractic?  Initial consult (with no treatment – depending on the clinic) of $80, $45/15 mins follow-up.

But there’s a part of me that says that something is wrong with this picture.  Why tap out a high-end market?  Why see only a handful of clients per week and try and tap them for huge money?  A business is based on referrals and referrals alone.  How does one expect to generate enough referrals for new clientele if they only see a handful of people per week?

If it’s broke – fix it.

I charge only $20/month for a few key reasons:

  • I have little to no overhead.  Yes, I need supplies from time to time.  But I train out of my home.  If my crew can put up with a little interruption here and there, training outside at times and the fact that there’s no flashing KUNG-FU sign outside my house…they’ll get some of the best Wing Chun out there.
  • I want to train fanatics.  The folks that go home and think about it…train it…master it.  I don’t want money to get in the way.  All fanatics deserve to train.
  • Respect.  $20/month isn’t a lot.  Most MMA or Boxing gyms are up in the $80-140/month range.  But if I’m asking for some money for my time, there’s a mental switch that says that *maybe* those practitioners will put in the work in the club and at home.

Friendship Seminar

Donald from Halifax Wing Chun had us over to meet his club this past Saturday.

My intentions were to play on a theme: linking the elbow to the hip for power generation (or perhaps linking the whole body together so to generate maximum power out of the fist) – no different than any other combat system.

I also wanted to focus on an attacking mentality instead of a defensive mentality.

Lastly, Donald wanted me to speak on my thoughts of the infamous topic of any Classical martial art: why Wing Chun doesn’t look like Wing Chun when you fight.  Again, this came down to mentality (thereby affecting tactics, distance and outcome).

Everyone from our club commented on how nice and easy going Halifax Wing Chun was.  I definitely would love to get together in 6 or 12 month’s time.

My shoulders still burn.

My forearms ache.  They’ve been ground to a pulp.

But my centreline – honed.  My stance – strong.

This is what happens when I train with my Sifu.  He’s a very good teacher inside the Chi Sau – that he always made (and obviously still does) me better right after training with him.

Patrick commented on how he liked his teaching method.  How Sifu could recreate a situation 4-5 times for you inside the rolling so that you could program your brain a bit on it.  Then…you let it go.

Tomorrow will be another adventure.  Something I’ve never done before.  I’ve very excited because my club and Halifax Wing Chun will be getting together for a ‘Friendship Seminar’ of sorts.  Some drills, some Chi Sau, some sparring, some food and some new Chunners to call friends.

Look forward to my next post about the seminar.  Peace.

My Sifu

Sifu came by last night after a 3-hour drive from Moncton.  He stayed until 11pm, having to drive back again and then fly out early this morning.  We were all very pleased that he took a lot of time and energy to visit our group.

Sifu asked me to teach the class with him just observing at first.  He then started to jump in and help me manage as I had my hands full with a senior, two juniors and one beginner.

Eventually, Sifu finally just asked me, “Can I just grab somebody???”  I laughed and said, “Of course!”  Then the class became really fun with Sifu touching hands with everyone there.

A few folks went home after the usual 1.5 hours and two stuck around for Sifu to touch hands with me.  We Chi Sau’d each other to death, chatted and drank beer.

Sifu has really clamped his stance down – a lot lower than I use.  He was able to direct the force to either side (Side Body Wing Chun style) while I tried to use my mobile footwork.  He found a few holes in my rolling and it was really nice to get some refinement.

Thanks, Sifu.

Sprints and Phlegm

Self-explanatory title.